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The CEO of the Fab Foundation stopped by for coffee.

Fab Foundation CEO Sherry Lassiter visited on Fab Lab Reykjavík on August 25th. The organisation is based out of the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT University and its mission is to support the growth of Fab Lab workshops internationally, strengthen networks and build local knowledge for the benefit of STEAM education.

Þóra and Hafey welcomed her over a cup of coffee and discussed how they approach education and enable a large number of people to use technology to develop their ideas. The educational materials developed for the project "Creative Learning Community" impressed Sherry a lot, as the curriculum is used in many parts of the world. She also noticed to how broad the projects in Fab Lab Reykjavík are; from supporting STEAM education, design, artistic creation, proof of concept construction and complex technology development.

We thank Sherry for the visit and look forward to working even more with the Fab Foundation in the future.


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