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About us

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Machines and equipment


It all started in 2014.

Fab Lab Reykjavík is part of Fab Lab Iceland and was opened on January 24, 2014. Fab Lab Reykjavík is a joint project of the City of Reykjavík, Fjölbrautarskólinn í Breiðholt and Nýsköpunarmiðstöð Íslands.

Fab Lab Reykjavík is located in Fjölbrautarskólinn in Breiðholt and is part of Breiðholt's creative community. Through strong collaboration, Fab Lab Reykjavík has grown and now has four full time employees who support the creativity of the city's residents, develop innovative ideas and promote technological literacy.

The goal of Fab Lab Reykjavík is to promote innovation in society. To achieve our goals, we focus on fostering innovation in education, supporting corporate product development and fostering new ideas among people at all levels of society. Fab Lab thus forms a fun creative community with a diverse group of people who have in common that they are curious, solution-oriented and dare to try.

Collaborative projects and publications

Magnús is a student in FB and has worked in the workshop for two years.
He is particularly interested in Computer Components, 3D Printing, Keyboards and Audio Devices.

Fab Lab Reykjavík's strategy 2020-2024

Fab Lab Reykjavík stefna

Annual report Fab Lab Reykjavík 2020-2021

Ársskýrsla Fab Lab Reykjavík 2020-2021 sam..jpg

Annual report Fab Lab Reykjavík 2021-2022

Ársskýrsla Fab Lab Reykjavík 2021-2022 _page-0001.jpg

More about us


Þóra has a B.Sc degree in Psychology and an M.Sc in Psychology teaching. She has worked in curriculum development for innovators. Þóra is passionate about making it easier for young people to make their ideas a reality. She has been involved in innovation across the community.


Þóra Óskarsdóttir



Bryndís Steina Friðgeirsdóttir


Bryndís Steina, an expert in the field of education, manages educational projects that have been growing rapidly, such as the MEMA innovation accelerator and the Creative Learning Society, as well as educational projects at university level.


Arnar has completed a Diploma in rapid prototype construction from FabAcademy. He has been attached to Fab Lab Reykjavík almost from the beginning. He is a great tinkerer and can fix almost everything. Arnar also makes sure we do not forget to be a nerd.


Arnar Daði Þórisson
Technical representative


Hafey Viktoría Hallgrímsdóttir
Technical representative


Hafey has a matriculation examination in Innovation and Technology from FNV.  Hafey wants people to have the opportunity to take advantage of the joy of creation and try their hand at what they are interested in. She herself is very interested in costume making and making ordinary things more personal.


Andri is an educated computer game artist and designer as well as being a computer scientist.

As an entrepreneur, Andri founded a company  and has applied for and received a number of grants.


Andri Sæmundsson M.Sc, B.Sc
Technical specialist


Magnús Pétursson
Technical representative


Magnús is a student in FB and has worked in the workshop for two years.
He is particularly interested in Computer Components, 3D Printing, Keyboards and Audio Devices.

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