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A giant computer-controlled wood cutter that can cut into all kinds of materials but not metals. Very accurate in cutting and three-dimensional milling.

Equipment use

NOTE: To be able to use the cutter, you must have completed a safety course. It would be desirable to have knowledge of laser cutters or similar production equipment in order to be able to book the course. The course covers safety, how to manage it and how to handle it.

The software we use to prepare documents for the milling machine are VCarve and Fusion 360.

Sign up to next safety course.

The cnc will go on summer vacation after 10th of may due to constructions in the facility.

Price list

A safety course costs ISK 3000. per person and max 4 per course. Device booking costs ISK 8000. the first hour and 4000 ISK. every hour after that.
For help with drawings, we recommend coming to an open house.
If you need to have it drawn for you, see the sectionConsulting and drawing.


Shopbot must always be booked, so it is completely reserved from the time it is booked. You pay for the time that Shopbot is booked, however, users are welcome to arrive earlier to prepare documents and are not paid separately for that. Also, help with drawings can be obtained at an open house.  

You need to bring your own material if it is not possible to utilize leftovers that are on site.

Included in the hourly rate are basic bits in the shopbot. There is a special charge for the use of more expensive bits.

Prototypes and development projects can be registered separately in Fab Lab Reykjavík, these projects receive special support and can receive a discount from the Fab Lab Reykjavík price list.

Talk to staff if you think your project falls under a development project.  

Shopbot is intended for developing prototypes of ideas and for learning CNC milling, for example with a personal project. 

Shopbot may not be used to manufacture resale products.

technical information

Cutting surface:  2750x1500x180mm

Files:  .SBP


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