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Hafey has become a three-time winner of Halloween Iceland

Hafey's third victory in Halloween Iceland has arrived. Halloween Iceland is an annual costume contest held at Gaukurinn.

Her first win was in 2019, when she went as Edward Scissorhands, where she used our 3D printers to print the scissorhands.

Her second win came in 2022, when she appeared as Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies. For that costume, she 3D printed the fake nails with flat bottoms to stick on and The Lament Configuration Box.

This year, the third win came with a Pyramid head costume that is a character from the Silent Hill video games and movies. She made the head here in the lab by laser cutting the shape of the head, vinyl cutting the pattern on the fabric where she could see and taking 3D printed nuts and screws that someone had printed and thrown in the 3D printer trash and using them instead of printing new ones .

We sincerely congratulate her on her win and look forward to seeing what she does next year.


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