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Ultimaker 3 Extended

Ultimaker 3 is a 3D printer that uses plastic threads to shape the material to your design. Ultimaker 3 includes two printheads that offer the ability to print in two colors or materials. Water-soluble material can be used to support more complex shapes.

Equipment use

When using a device during opening hours with other users.

During opening hours, queues can form in the devices and it is important to take turns.

When queues are formed, only one document can be completed at a time, then the next user is up and you move to the end of the row.

3D printing is always paid for in advance.

3D printing is always the responsibility of the user and therefore the cost of projects must be paid for even if they fail.

3D printing can take a long time and many people want to access the printers during normal business hours.

The price list is based on projects that take less than 5 hours.

Longer tasks need to be discussed separately with an employee.

Price list

Equipment use is 500 kr. per hour.

If equipment is reserved price is 3000 kr. per hour.

Material price is added to hourly rate.

40 kr.
20 kr.


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