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Roland GX-24

The vinyl cutter is an electronically controlled knife that can cut into different materials. The materials we have are vinyl stickers, textile vinyl and copper. You can also replace the knife with a pen tip to pretend to be a professional artist.

Equipment use

When using a device during opening hours with other users. During opening hours, queues can form in the devices and it is important to take turns. When queues are formed, only one document can be completed at a time, then the next user is up and you move to the end of the queue.

Price list

Prices are based on length meters

2500 kr.
3000 kr.
5500 kr.
Sjálflýsandi Veggjalímmiði
4500 kr.
Sjálflýsandi Fatalímmiði
7500 kr.
500 kr.
Stutterma bolir
2000 kr.
Langerma bolir
2500 kr.
1500 kr.

Materials available in the workshop:

Vinyl stickers:  All the colors of the rainbow and a little more.

Textile vinyl:  All the colors of the rainbow and a little more, reflective and glitter.

Copper:  140 mm modified

Students and teachers receive 500 ISK. discount on vinyl.

The cost of using the equipment is included in the material fees when people buy materials in the Fab Lab, except in the case of small-scale production. When people bring other materials, it is uncertain whether they are suitable for Fab Lab equipment and therefore the materials need to be checked separately. 

Talk to an employee if you bring your own material.

Technical information

Size of content that can be placed in:  50 - 700mm

Maximum cutting surface:  580 mm modified for stickers and 480mm for textiles. 1000 mm in length is recommended.

Files:  .PDF

Maximum material thickness:  1 mm


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