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Teacher's course at Réttarholtsskóli

Since primary schools have started to have devices in the schools, there is a great need for teachers to have easy access to learning material and courses on the devices and the programs connected to the devices. Schools often contact us about which devices we recommend for schools and we try to help them to the best of our ability. If the device they buy is a device that we also have, we can offer tutoring to teachers here at Fab Lab Reykjavík, but if there are many teachers who want tutoring in the same school, we offer to come to the school and teach on the device there.

Recently, Hafey went to Réttarholtsskóli and held two teacher courses on vinyl cutting, a total of 12 teachers attended the course and it went very well, to teach Inkscape we used learning materials developed by us here at Fab Lab Reykjavík, which the teachers talked about using with their students in the future.


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