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What does Fab Lab stand for?

Fab Lab stands for Fabrication Laboratory.

What is inside a Fab Lab?

Fab Labs share a common set of  tools and processes. Some Fab Labs have machines and equipment not found in other Fab Labs but Fab Labs typically include:

  • A laser cutter

  • A 3d printer

  • A high-resolution CNC milling machine that makes circuit boards, precision parts, and molds for casting

  • A large CNC wood router

  • A suite of electronic components

What is the use of Fab Lab?

Fab Lab is a place to play, to create, to mentor and to invent: a place for learning and innovation.

Fab Labs provide access to the environment, the skills, the materials and the advanced technology to allow anyone anywhere to make (almost) anything.

Who is the founder of Fab Lab?

Neil Gershenfeld, professor of media arts and sciences and the founder and director of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA), is the founder of Fab Lab.

How many Fab Labs are there in the world?

There are over 2000 Fab Labs in the world in over 120 countries.

Are Fab Labs free?

Access to Fab Labs is free and open to anyone. Materials and equipment usage may incur fees.

How do I start a Fab Lab?

The cheapest and fastest method to get a Fablab is to buy and assemble it yourself making sure you have all the required equipment. First and foremost public access to the Fab Lab is essential and the Fab Lab must participate in the larger, global Fab Lab network. 

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Why is Fab Lab important?

Fab Lab is a place where anyone anywhere can make (almost) anything. It is a place to create, invent, learn and innovate. First and foremost Fab Lab provides anyone access to the environment, tools, skills and knowledge to help make ideas come to life.

What can I do in a Fab Lab?

Fab Lab is a place to learn how to use the machines and technology to develop new ideas, mass production takes place elsewhere.

What can I not do in a Fab Lab?

It is not allowed to make weapons including imitations or things that look like weapons and/or things that can be dangerous to the public. Creating things that infringe patents is not allowed.

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