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Embroidery machine

6-thread embroidery machine that is quick to setup and fast embroidery with multiple needles that allows you to embroider large multicolor designs with minimal thread changes that greatly increases productivity compared to traditional single-needle machines. In addition, you can enjoy more creativity with its adaptation features.

Equipment use

When using a device during opening hours with other users. During opening hours, queues can form in the devices and it is important to take turns. When queues are formed, only one document can be completed at a time, then the next user is up and you move to the end of the queue.

Price list

Device use costs ISK 500. for every hour.

If a device is taken away, it costs ISK 3000. for every hour.

Material costs are added to the time price.

Undir og Yfirefni
Rammar 1 og 2
Rammar 3 og 4
Þykkt og þunnt
50 kr.
100 kr.
100 kr.
200 kr.
10 kr. á hver 1000 spor

technical information

Frame size:  300x200mm, 180x130mm, 100x100mm and 60x40mm

Additions:  Cap cap and sleeve / cap fasteners

  • 10.1 "LCD touch screen

  • Variable speed: 400 to 1000 stitches per min.

  • Automatic thread

  • 37 built-in fonts

  • LED cursor


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