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First place in the FabBhutan challenge

This summer, Þóra and Hafey went to the international Fab Lab conference, which this year was held in Bhutan. They also participated in the Fab challenge, an organized innovation competition that brings together local and international innovation communities to propose meaningful interventions that enrich, expand and invest in Bhutan's resilient economy from the ground up.

The challenge that Þóra took part in focused on making a prototype and finding a way to help farmers grow all year round. Special attention was paid to solutions related to growing chilies.

Hafey was in a challenge where participants sought solutions to preserve the traditions associated with weaving in Bhutan. The project won the challenge and the Fab Lab they were working with received $5,000 to continue with the project they started. Her team created a website about the project that can be viewed here.

At the end of the challenges, the conference took over and there were all kinds of workshops and lectures related to the Fab Lab and how to strengthen the employees, the workshops and the network even more.

It was a real adventure for them, because it's not every day you get the chance to go to a place as exotic as Bhutan.


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